SplashEye Slalom

Complete Slalom Judging in a single package. As used at the last four US Nationals.

Auto Gates - records automatically when the boat passes through

Automatic End Course Tracking – SplashEyeDrive

Boat Video Recording

Easy Review - in full speed, slow motion or frame-by-frame

About SplashEye Slalom

Judging Slalom has become difficult with additional rules and greater requirement for video review.

SplashEye can’t change the rules but it can make it easier. Give your TC a break by installing the SplashEye Slalom suite.

The four port video card takes inputs from both gates, the End Course and the Boat Video. Everything gets recorded as individual files tagged with skier name, speed and rope length.

Automatic gates means the judges have almost nothing to do. Watch the pass and the gates are automatically recorded. At the end of the pass the entry gate is automatically reviewed. Then it sets itself up to automatically record the next pass. Staying awake is the only issue!

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SplashEye Slalom Suite is the best way to run your slalom event High Spec PC 4 Channel Video Capture Card Professionally designed Targets AutoGates Automatic EndCourse Boat Video

US$4,000 ex. VAT
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How the System Works

4 Channel Video Card

Monitor Two Gates, Boat Video and End Course Video on one PC

Auto Gates

Automatically triggers Gate recording when the boat passes through. Let the judges relax.

Complete History

Choose from a list of Skier Names. Double click and the pass is back on screen ready for review or retiming.

Easy Record Submission

Every file is individually saved with Skier Name, Speed and Rope. No more trawling through hours of DVR video to submit a record.

One Touch Operation

Set the Skier Name and Start Speed/Rope and then sit back. Auto Gate trigger, automatic Start Gate Review at end of pass and automatic setting of system to next Start Gate. Don’t touch another key until the skier falls.

Scoreboard Integration

See Speed or Line Length on the Wireless Scoreboard.

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