Corson Video Jump Replacement for AWSA Members

Are you running out of XP Computers to run Corson Video Jump?

Are they crashing all the time?

Don’t have budget for the full SplashEye system?

In conjunction with AWSA SplashEye is pleased to announce two low cost options to upgrade your measurement systems to SplashEye.

Use the latest, easy to find Windows 10 hardware.

Use the classic SplashEye software that your judges are familiar with.

To order any of these systems contact

Option 1 – Single Grid

Includes single input USB Capture device.

Software for Windows 10, replacing the BC video jump Windows XP program.

You must supply a Windows 10 Intel Desktop/Laptop

You can configure up to three grids in the system then switch between them with a single click (you must switch camera input manually)

SplashEye works in semi-automatic mode.

No upgrade to full SplashEye system.

$ 700 + shipping


Option 2 – Three Grids on one Computer

Includes preconfigured HP Desktop Computer with 4 port video capture card

Software for Windows 10, replacing the BC video jump Windows XP program.

Measure three grids simultaneously.

SplashEye works in semi-automatic mode.

Upgrades available to full SplashEye system.

$ 3000 + shipping

Do I need to change anything with my Cameras or Grids ?

No – SplashEye uses the same analog cameras and grid setup as the Corson system.

Just plug your existing camera(s) into SplashEye, enter your setup information and you’ll be ready to go

What is “Semi Automatic Mode” ?

In Semi Automatic mode the ramp sensor is not used. When the skier hits the ramp the judge must click a button.

After that the system automatically records video then scans and analyses the video to find the splash.

Training Mode is not available.

What Laptop do I need ?


Windows 10


Must be Intel Pentium or Core.


Minimum 4Gb ram

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