Splasheye Jump

Instant Distance. Measure EVERY jump you take, Training or Competition

Permanently Installed in 45 sites worldwide
Available at Major Ski Schools
Multiple World Records
As Used at World Championships and European Championships
2013 US Nationals and Three US Regionals

About Splasheye Jump

SplashEye Jump automatically measures every jump you take – no human intervention.

Two or three cameras mounted high at the lakeside monitor a landing area covering from 20 feet to 250 feet.

A sensor mounted under the ramp surface triggers the system when the skier hits the ramp.

After the skier lands the system scans through the recorded video to pick the landing frame.

The frame is analysed to pick the SplashPoint closest to the ramp.

4 seconds after the skier lands the score is displayed on the wireless scoreboard.

Purchase the System

SplashEye Jump is everything you need to Automatically measure Jump in Training and Tournaments.

High Spec PC 4 Channel Video Capture Card Automation Kit Wireless Scoreboard All the software.
US$6,000 ex. VAT
SplashEye Jump is also available as part of the Premium Package US$6,500 ex VAT

How the System Works

Automation Kit

Put the sensor under the ramp surface and make the system work fully automatically.

Wireless Scoreboard

Put it anywhere within 300 feet of the PC. It’s readable from nearly 1000 feet.


Now permanently installed in 45 sites around the world.

Training Mode

When you want a score after every jump you take put it in fully automatic.

4 Seconds

That’s how long it takes to get a score after the skier lands.

Proven Technology

In use in major competitions like World Championships, US Regionals and Nationals Competitions for the last 15 years.

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