Splasheye Tricks

A Video Trick Timer – with the SplashEye Edge.

About Splasheye Tricks

Are you stuck using old PC hardware because your Trick Timer won’t support your new kit? Still on Windows 95? A dodgy video capture card?

Get right up to date with the latest Trick Timing Software. Fully compatible with Windows 8 and utilising the same powerful and stable video capture devices that power the rest of the SplashEye family.

Simple, intuitive User Interface – if your judges have used SplashEye Jump or Slalom before they’ll probably be able to use SplashEye Tricks straight out of the box.

On SplashEye Platinum use the option to do Trick Timing and Full screen or multiple screen event judge reviews and replays – all on one PC.

Purchase the System

Get the System

SplashEye Tricks is available for free

This full featured version will allow you to open and time most video files.

Perfect when you’re swapping cameras or memory cards, or for record checking.

Use with Live Video
To use the system with Live video, simply use with a USB adapter for use with your own laptop (minimum specification required). This is the same device you use for Mobile Jump
US$200 ex. VAT
Delivered Worldwide.

How the System Works

20 Seconds

20 Second Video Timer.

Complete History

Choose from a list of Skier Names. Double click and the pass is back on screen ready for review or retiming.


Fully compliant with 2013 Changes in the rules.

Easy to Use

Use keyboard, mouse or both. System walk you through the pass to minimise keystrokes required.

Full Control

Set the first trick in time while continuing to watch the Trick Pass.

Intuitive Last Trick Judging

The most intuitive way for a judge to see both the context of the trick and the absolute last frame in time.

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